John Ravilious


Me, me, me

John Ravilious 2009

If I go back some 50 years, I was in the army, and I trained as a radio mechanic.  But I was then put in a mental home, and so ended up on permanent sick, and with an income from being sick, if you see what I mean.

And now this situation gave me an idea.  If I did experiments and wrote theories, then it might be possible to do what was considered to be the impossible, and develop a free energy system that employed electronic circuitry, to form work from nothingness.

So with this in mind, I set up a small work shop, and purchased the equipment I needed for this venture.

Now my view has always been that if we are to avoid drowning ourselves in fossil fuel combustion fumes, then we need this answer.

What I want to talk about now is how society views a person like myself, who decides to operate a private venture like this.  Humankind is an animal that likes to control what people get up to.  And in this case, they would be quite happy where a group of people, say a university team, to attempt to develop a free energy system, as this would then be under the control of society.  But where a single individual like myself, attempts something like this, then every effort is made to discourage them from their work. 

Now free energy looks like it could be a tricky thing to develop, but if one spent say 5 years, and had say 10 scientists, then they might quite possibly succeed in doing this.  But the chances of success seem small compared with the financial investment that would be necessary here. 

So now I suspect that this has never been tried before.  What I need to do now is take you forward some 40 years, and to my successful attempt to write down the theory of how nature forms all energy.  And now as I say, I don’t think anything like this has ever been attempted before. 

Now in my view, such devices would not normally be accepted, unless one can teach students how they work.  So you could say that is me now with the end of a successful project in sight. 

And here I need a change of subject, as I want to talk about how I view what has been happening to me.  And I could be wrong here, but I don’t think I am.  So this is what I think has occurred with me.  And remember what I said about humankind wanting to control all change as it were, and this is at all costs. 

So I think society has viewed myself as a person out of a mental home, who has an ? neurosis condition, and they sort of requested treatment for this obsession.  So here is a person who is attempting to do something that is impossible, and who will not stop this strange behaviour.  So for some 40 years now, I have been treated for my neurosis.  So many of my friends and acquaintances will have seen my necessary treatment for insanity, as in fact treatment for my obsessive desire to invent a free energy system, and will have enjoyed the thought that they don’t have to have this treatment.  And also that doctors are taking the situation in hand.
So to spell this out.  If several people investigate a new principle, then this is called research.  But when one person investigates a new principle, then this is called an obsession.  And this then is society wanting to control what people do.

You can control what lots of people do, but you have very little control over what the single person does.  And so the single investigator is given maximum discouragement, and is effectively threatened with the treatment for mental illness. 

So I find this all rather curious.  The amount of encouragement for a group of people to study a particular subject is huge.  And equally the amount of discouragement for the private individual to study a particular subject, is huge too.

So all very odd.  But then as I have already stated, for humankind control is one of the most important factors, and one cannot control what a private individual gets up to.  So what a curious creature mankind is.

© John Ravilious 2009